Discover the Ile de Ré

decouvrir l'Ile de Ré et le Phare de la Baleine

Discover the Ile de Ré off La Rochelle..

Located off the coast of La Rochelle, between the Pertuis d'Antioche and the Pertuis Breton, the Ile de Ré stretches over a length of about 30 kilometres and a width ranging from 70 metres to 5 kilometres.
The island of Ré enjoys a mild climate all year round thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Gulf Stream marine current that runs along its coast. In summer, the heat is mitigated by the proximity of the sea and in winter the temperatures remain mild. Moreover, with as many hours of sunshine per year as Corsica or the French Riviera, it benefits from the best sunshine on the Atlantic coast!

Discover L’Ile de Ré, a territory where land and sea are intimately linked.

The landscapes offer a mosaic of marine and rural panoramas, moors, dunes, woods, pine forests, marshes, and large wild beaches of fine sand. The landscapes are very contrasted between the "north" of the island, more marshy, and the "south", more agricultural and wooded.

This results in a great variety of flora and fauna. An important stopover for many species of migratory birds, the island is home to a very large bird population, especially in winter.
On the island, land and sea are also found together in the dishes! Oysters, salt, saltwort, wine and potatoes are all locally grown products. They can be bought directly from producers and oyster huts, but also tasted in restaurants that feature them on their menus!

L'Île de Ré, is a different atmosphere and activities in every season. In the summer, you can enjoy the beach and water sports, explore the channels by boat to Fort Boyard, or the island of Aix. In the spring you can enjoy hours of cycling. In October you can photograph magnificent sunsets and in winter you can enjoy the seaside and the rich fauna of migratory birds by taking long walks... Here, you can forget the car for the time of your stay and explore the island by bike as it has a network of more than 100km of cycle paths.

L’Ile de Ré, is also a history and an architectural heritage. The historical capital of the island is the village of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, known for its fortified citadel designed by the architect Vauban and classified as a world heritage site by the U.N.E.S.C.O. But the island of Ré also has a nickname that you will hear here: "Ré la Blanche". This nickname refers to the houses of Ré which are all very white with green shutters. The preservation of the typical architecture of the island of Ré gives the 10 villages of character that make up the island an air of similarity, but each has managed to preserve its identity and remain authentic. They are all worth a visit for a stroll.

L’île de Ré It is also very close to La Rochelle, from which it is only separated by a bridge less than 3km long. From the island of Ré, it is easy to go for a day trip to explore the regional natural park of the Marais Poitevin which is less than an hour away or the Futuroscope and Puit du Fou parks are less than 2 hours away!